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'Vivid and Noba'

With Juno her Pichu and Astera her Minccino on both her shoulders Saya stepped off the plane into the bright light and she glanced around at what she could see of Xandy Island. Tsubasa appeared behind with Shuhei his Lucario beside him. On Shuhei's right shoulder was Uryuu the Oshawott. "Pretty bright here compared to the mainland," he said.

"That's because there is less to corrupt here," Saya replied as they walked out of the airport. She looked to Tsubasa who pulled out a map. "Where to?"

"The closest to us is Elijah Woods, that's where the Litleo are supposedly roaming," Tsubasa replied leading the way. Soon they arrived, but...something seemed off.

After stepping a little further in Sirius, Saya's Absol, appeared before them. "Something wrong Sirius?" Saya questioned it. It nodded before leading them over to a small group of bushes. Saya looked into the bushes and she gasped in shock. Tsubasa was at her in the next second and saw what she did. A pair of Litleo were huddled together looking battered and bruised. Both fire types looked up at them ready to defend themselves.

"Shuhei, are those bruises from another Pokemon?" Tsubasa questioned. Shuhei scanned them over with his aura, looked to Tsubasa and shook his head. "So...a human did this."

"Poachers," Saya murmured in an angry tone. Just then all heard a sound that had the Pokemon tensing.

"There they are," came a dark voice that made all turn to see a man appear near them with two Duosion beside him. "Those two are mine. Hand them over."

Saya moved before the little fire types as did Tsubasa followed by Sirius while Astera, Uryuu, and Shuhei stood between their trainers and the battered the Pokemon. "Not gonna happen. These Pokemon need help," Saya stated.

"I told you those are mine!" the man ordered now angry and the Duosion flew at them ready to attack.

"Komamura! On the double!" Tsubasa called and his dark type appeared. "Tag team with Sirius!"

"Rawr!" Komamura answered growling.

"Double Signal Beam!" the man ordered.

"Don't let that attack hit! It could confuse you!" Saya called to the two Pokemon. Both dodged the first blast easily yet the psychic kept using it. "Night Slash!"

"Shadow Ball!" Tsubasa ordered. Both attacks hit and to their surprise...the battle was over.

"My Pokemon!" the man declared snatching up the Duosion and fleeing.

"Damn, he got away," Tsubasa cursed low.

"Let him be. He'll get caught one day. Right now let's get these two to the Pokemon Center," Saya said as Shuhei with the help of Uryuu and Astera lifted both in its arms.

"Right," he said turning to her, but a light caught their attention and all turned to see Komamura glowing. In the next moment Komamura stood as a Mightyena before them. "Good going Komamura."

Soon after they all arrived at the Pokemon Center and gave Officer Jenny all info they knew about the poacher and which way he headed. After the two little lions were fully healed both joined Saya and Tsubasa, Saya got Vivi the female Litleo and Tsubasa got Noba the male Litleo.
PokeRainbow Vivi and Noba
Saw another outbreak up so finished this quickly to have it in.
'My Nightmare'

"Who ever had this bright idea I'm gonna kick their ass!" Kaie declared loudly as the whole Skyline 'family' ran for their lives. What were they running from? Ghost like creatures their Digimon told them were called Bakemon and Soulmon, but there were other strange Digimon besides them like BlackGatomon, Boogiemon, Goblimon, Roachmon, Porcupamon, Vilemon, Sangloupmon, and a huge creature that would make Frankenstien look short called Kimeramon.

"I would too but just keep running!" Leone called to her as he ran slightly ahead of her. The Digimon hung back launching their attacks to buy the group of escape time.

A slight shriek behind them drew both Kaie and Leone's attention. Both looked back to see that Stephanie tripped. "Stephanie!" Kaie called out. Her feet started moving to the girl's side as a strange looking creature floating towards her.

"A Tapirmon," she heard Brimon say.

She would've asked more about it, but her feet picked up speed seeing the 'Tapirmon' gearing up for an attack. "Look out!" Kaie shouted as she moved between Stephanie and the Tapirmon.

"Kaie!" she heard Stehanie and Brimon call out to her.

"Nightmare Syndrome!" the Tapirmon exclaimed expelling some dark smoke that enveloped her and...she blanked out.

Slowly Kaie awoke to find herself standing in dark space. "W...where is this?" she questioned. Suddenly lights were turned on making her shield her eyes before she carefully reopened her eyes. Her eyes widened in shock seeing a large number of caskets around her. "What?" She cautiously approached one, but leapt back as part of the lid popped open. She leaned forward to see what was in it and her face paled. "S-S-Stephanie?" she questioned in shock. Beside Stephanie's body was a brightly colored egg. It looked strange, but clicked. "Ovismon?" More caskets opened and she was shocked to see more of their 'Skyline' family lying in them with eggs beside them. "What's going on here?!" Kaie demanded.

"Why..." came a low voice that had Kaie look around sharply. Shadowy images began to appear around and near each casket. Kaie tensed as more and more shadowy images appeared. They appeared to be adults yet she was unable to make out any features on any of them. "Why are you the only one alive?" one of the shadows demanded.

"What? I...I don't understand," Kaie said taking a tentative step back. Something...didn't seem right.

"Why are you so special?" another shadow questioned.

"You are a curse!" another shadow shouted at her.

Kaie felt a stab to her heart hearing that. She heard it so many times before within her family and always felt like someone was stabbing her heart every time it was said. Sometimes she would have nightmares about it. "Me? I'm not a curse."

"Weren't you helping to take care of your grandmother?" another shadow questioned.

That made her freeze. How did they know? "You were told to help with her medicine," another shadow said as the shadows began to surround her.

"No...that's...that's not true!" Kaie argued back as the shadows got closer to her. She looked around looking for a way to escape. "Get back!" she ordered yet they weren't listening, "Get away!!" She covered her ears with her hands trying to shield herself.

"Get her! Get the cursed girl!" the shadows began to chant as they got even closer to her.

Kaie was trembling, she was scared. There seemed to be no escape whatsoever. She shrieked in fright as she bent down looking almost like a ball. "Wake up!" she heard a male voice shout out.

She glanced upwards to see a bright light heading towards her. That voice...was someone from the group. She saw a male hand reach down to her and out of instinct she reached towards it. "H-help me," she begged.

As soon as her hand touched the other hand she saw many faces looking down at her. "Kaie! Your awake!" Shannon said.

Kaie noticed she was lying on the ground and carefully sat up. She was then glomped by Anya and Setphanie. "We're so glad!" both declared hugging her tightly. Beside Stephanie was Leone and like normal Josh was beside Shannon. She also noticed the rest of the group gathered around.

Kaie slowly raised her hand to her forehead and rubbed her temples. Her mind felt clouded for some odd reason. "What...what happened?" she asked slowly once she found her voice.

"You took a direct hit from Tapirmon's Nightmare Syndrome," Tzi spoke up.

"Which was stupid," Ovismon chided.

"Not very nice Ovismon. She did it to protect me while all the Digimon dealt with the ones who were chasing us," Stephanie told her partner.

"It...didn't hurt me?" was Kaie's next question.

"If you were a digimon yes, but it only gave you a nightmare. If you were a digimon you would've had a nightmare and were injured," came a voice that made Kaie look over sharply to see...Kevamon standing near a tied up Tapirmon.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to," Tapirmon murmured to which the partnered digimon glared at it.

"It's all right Kevamon," Kaie said slowly standing up. "We should get moving again before anything else happens.

As she began to walk away those gathered close to her. "Something...seems strange about her," Karhumon spoke after a few moments.

"Yeah, she is acting a little odd," Gurkenmon agreed.

"Leave her be. She had a nightmare and it must've really effected her," Kevamon said defending her human after releasing the Tapirmon who fled quickly away.


Kevamon: Well, that was least for Kaie. question...whose hand was reaching out to rescue her? I wonder.
Digimon Skyline My Nightmare
An early Halloween gift for :icondigimon-skyline: Hope you all enjoy!


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Ifnothing else I will have back up cloths to change into if something goes wrong with my cosplay.

Also have been working on a One Piece OC. You'll hopefully get to meet her soon. Still working out some little pieces in her profile.

Also...I am back to scaring again, but this time in a new area. Kind of like it, but...something happened this past weekend that...well...I did have it coming, but the second part of it...I didn't do it. Please don't ask. I will work through it.
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