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Name: Suzuki Mikisaburo
Age: 21
Gender: Female yet hides out as a male among the group
Hair: Red brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'5.11"
Weapon: Gunsen, kusarigama, katana, kodachi
Love interest: Hajime Saito or Sanosuke Harada
Description: Where Souji has a cat like grin Suzuki or Suzu as the guys will call her at times has the cat reflexes. She is also a quick minded and quick-witted girl. She arrives at the dojo Kondo-san takes over sometime after Souji over comes his bullies and Hijikata arrives. She is discovered by both Souji and Hijikata after hearing some of the students yelling up into a tree. They chase the boys away and find her hiding almost the branches with bruises littering her body. They take her to Kondo and the others where she timidly tells them her name and that she was without parents; her mother was raped by a stranger, her mother's parents disowned her mom and her, and then her mom was killed by rogue warriors. When asked if she knew anything of her father, she says her mother only told her one thing...westerner. Kondo feeling sorry for her decides that she can stay at the dojo and soon her timidness fads away to which she becomes a graceful warrior. Yet she decides to make herself seem like a boy since female warriors are frowned upon and only those closes to Kondo and the others know her secret or anyone she chooses to tell. She allows hides other weapons on her person for precaution sake. When Heisuke arrives to the dojo she doesn't believe he is as old as he says he is. He is startled when he learns that she is actually a girl and soon he becomes like a younger brother to her ready help her with anything. She and Heisuke return from shopping one day to find two new men wanting to join the dojo, Shinpachi and Sanosuke. She glares darkly at them as the two joke that they heard rumors of a female warrior within the school and know it can't be true. She dares them to step inside the dojo and prove how good they are. Both are confused and take up her challenge only to quickly become cornered by her and then fight back. Heisuke after she dared the two went off to find Hijikata, Souji, and the others know this could be trouble. The others arrive and separate them while Hijikata scolds her for being reckless. She points at Shinpachi and Sanosuke saying they didn't believe word of a female warrior and she felt the need to prove them wrong. While Shinpachi voices his confusion she notices Sanosuke giving her a look before smiling. The taller warrior apologizes for being rude which confuses Shinpachi more until he is told that the one they were fighting was the female warrior they heard about. Shinpachi still doesn't believe it which causes Suzuki to glare at him darkly, but then slowly he looks her over realizing his blunder and apologizes too. When Hajime appears to challenge the dojo she is intrigued seeing where his swords rest at his hip and his stance when he battles Souji. After getting the two seperated and Hijikata saying he doesn't care that he is left handed Hajime looks to her making her tilt her head in confusion at him to which he replies that it is nothing and walks away. When she goes to the market on her own and is cornered putting up a good fight Hajime appears and takes out the rest of the men. On the way back to the dojo she questions him about why he stared at her when he first arrived and he explains that he was impressed to see a warrior like herself, which almost makes her trip in surprise. She questions why he doesnt find that scary and replies saying the same thing Hijikata said to him. One night at dinner she looks to Kondo, Hijikata, and Souji and asks if she would allowed to tell Heisuke, Sano, Shinpachi, and Hajime about how she came to be at the dojo since she never told them. They say it is up to her not them and she tells them how she arrived and her past. The newcomers look at her in disbelief at her tale, well Heisuke, Shinpachi, and Sano do while Hajime keeps an even face. Once she is done the room is silent until Hajime says that it was her family's loss. At her confused look Sano adds in that her mother's parents didnt know what they were losing when they disowned her mother. Heisuke and Shinpachi agree, which warms Suzuki's heart. She, much like the rest of Kondo's squad, detests Serizawa Kamo soon after meeting him and feels sorry for Ryunosuke who is forced to act as the man's personal attendant. When Hijikata, Souji, and Hajime return with Chizuru unlike Kondo, Heisuke, and Shinpachi she can easily tell that Chizuru is a girl. She is mildly suspicious of the girl, but soon she grows fond of her treating her like a little sister. She is also taught by Chizuru how to make a snow bunny. During the Ikeda inn raid she remains at the compound with Chizuru and Sannan-san, but when Yamazaki reports in she goes along with Chizuru and Yamazaki to alert Hijikata and the others.
Hakuoki OC
This is my OC for the otome game, visual novel, anime, anime movie, stage drama, and musical Hakuoki or Hakuouki, however you spell it.

Her name is based on a real member of the Shinsengumi. Hakuoki is about Chizuru Yukimura, a girl who dresses as a boy and journeys to the capital of Kyoto in search of her father. She soon ends up becoming a 'guest' of the Shinsengumi by strange events. It's sort of like Ouran High School Host Clud in that it is a reverse harem, but also it is historical, has drama, romance, lots of deaths, and elements of supernatural.

Now as you see she has two possible love interests she could have and I'm having trouble deciding who she should focus on. It would also impacts what happens to her in the end. So I'm open to your opinion on who she should possibly pursue. Below is some info on both and if want to know more check out Hakuoki for yourself.

Hajime Saito - Hajime is the silent type of warrior who speaks up when need be with sound advice and he is utterly cute when he blushes, at least what you see in the games.

Sanosuke Harada - Sano is a very kind guy and the tallest Shinsengumi member, uses a spear to fight mostly and doesn't like to lie.
42 deviations
'Vivid and Noba'

With Juno her Pichu and Astera her Minccino on both her shoulders Saya stepped off the plane into the bright light and she glanced around at what she could see of Xandy Island. Tsubasa appeared behind with Shuhei his Lucario beside him. On Shuhei's right shoulder was Uryuu the Oshawott. "Pretty bright here compared to the mainland," he said.

"That's because there is less to corrupt here," Saya replied as they walked out of the airport. She looked to Tsubasa who pulled out a map. "Where to?"

"The closest to us is Elijah Woods, that's where the Litleo are supposedly roaming," Tsubasa replied leading the way. Soon they arrived, but...something seemed off.

After stepping a little further in Sirius, Saya's Absol, appeared before them. "Something wrong Sirius?" Saya questioned it. It nodded before leading them over to a small group of bushes. Saya looked into the bushes and she gasped in shock. Tsubasa was at her in the next second and saw what she did. A pair of Litleo were huddled together looking battered and bruised. Both fire types looked up at them ready to defend themselves.

"Shuhei, are those bruises from another Pokemon?" Tsubasa questioned. Shuhei scanned them over with his aura, looked to Tsubasa and shook his head. "So...a human did this."

"Poachers," Saya murmured in an angry tone. Just then all heard a sound that had the Pokemon tensing.

"There they are," came a dark voice that made all turn to see a man appear near them with two Duosion beside him. "Those two are mine. Hand them over."

Saya moved before the little fire types as did Tsubasa followed by Sirius while Astera, Uryuu, and Shuhei stood between their trainers and the battered the Pokemon. "Not gonna happen. These Pokemon need help," Saya stated.

"I told you those are mine!" the man ordered now angry and the Duosion flew at them ready to attack.

"Komamura! On the double!" Tsubasa called and his dark type appeared. "Tag team with Sirius!"

"Rawr!" Komamura answered growling.

"Double Signal Beam!" the man ordered.

"Don't let that attack hit! It could confuse you!" Saya called to the two Pokemon. Both dodged the first blast easily yet the psychic kept using it. "Night Slash!"

"Shadow Ball!" Tsubasa ordered. Both attacks hit and to their surprise...the battle was over.

"My Pokemon!" the man declared snatching up the Duosion and fleeing.

"Damn, he got away," Tsubasa cursed low.

"Let him be. He'll get caught one day. Right now let's get these two to the Pokemon Center," Saya said as Shuhei with the help of Uryuu and Astera lifted both in its arms.

"Right," he said turning to her, but a light caught their attention and all turned to see Komamura glowing. In the next moment Komamura stood as a Mightyena before them. "Good going Komamura."

Soon after they all arrived at the Pokemon Center and gave Officer Jenny all info they knew about the poacher and which way he headed. After the two little lions were fully healed both joined Saya and Tsubasa, Saya got Vivi the female Litleo and Tsubasa got Noba the male Litleo.
PokeRainbow Vivi and Noba
Saw another outbreak up so finished this quickly to have it in.


United States
Current Residence: Trenton
Favourite genre of music: Anything
Favourite style of art: Is anime a style of art?
Wallpaper of choice: Anything showing InuxKag, Kurama, or anything with a vampire seducing his victium
Skin of choice: Mine!
Favourite cartoon character: InuYasha, Kagome, Kurama, Kiba, All of the Sailor Scouts, 009, All the pokemon, and more
Personal Quote: Is it bad today?
So...I FINALLY HAVE ALL THE PIECES! I am ready to cosplay this weekend at New York Comic-con. I hope I do good for my first time.

Ifnothing else I will have back up cloths to change into if something goes wrong with my cosplay.

Also have been working on a One Piece OC. You'll hopefully get to meet her soon. Still working out some little pieces in her profile.

Also...I am back to scaring again, but this time in a new area. Kind of like it, but...something happened this past weekend that...well...I did have it coming, but the second part of it...I didn't do it. Please don't ask. I will work through it.
  • Listening to: All the songs on my Itunes
  • Reading: My fanfics
  • Watching: The old Thundercats
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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