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Digimon Skyline 'Let it go'

Everyone was getting bored. The Digimon were still talking with the Hoodsnegemon trying to gain access to their computer and they were still in debate about it. Kaie sighed and moved to the entrance of the cave looking out into the storm outside.

She glanced back at the other humans and saw many were grouped together. Shannon and Anya were together bugging Josh yet again, Joanthan was hanging out with Juliette, Gentry was trying to get Shannon's attention, yet again, Stephanie was huddled slightly near Leona who seemed to be okay with it, and the others were chatting away in their own groups. She sighed again and felt a tad jealous. Why was it so easy for them to accept each other even her? Didn't they know someone could betray them? Like her so called 'friends' did? Sure they accepted her into their fold, but...she still kept her distance.

She stole a glance at Stephanie, who was shyly glancing at Leone. The girl had accepted her as a friend, also like an older sister of sorts and she in return allowed it because the girl was so shy.

Kaie looked back out to the snowstorm outside the cave. As she watched it she could hear a tune start inside her head and felt the need to sing it, but in a low tone. "The snow glows white on the mountain tonight...not a footprint to be seen." She glanced back at the others then looked down at the cave floor. "A kingdom of isolation...and it looks like I'm the queen." She looked outside again. "The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside. Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried."

"Kaie?" a timid female questioned making said girl turn sharply to see Stephanie near her. "Something wrong?"

"N-nothing," she replied trying to hide slightly.

Stephanie tilted her head and stepped a little closer to the American girl. "Please tell me Kaie. Maybe I can help."

"My problem is my problem. No one can really help me over come my problem, but myself. Besides...the cold never bothered me anyway," Kaie said looking away from the short girl.

"Really? Then why we're you shivering?" came a male voice. Both girls glanced to see Leone mildly approaching them.

"I don't think she means that kind of cold," Stephanie stated. Then she turned back to Kaie. "But...aren't we friends Kaie? Friends help each other and I wanna help you."

Kaie looked away again. "It' accept...I have friends, at least for me. After what I went through," she said slowly.

"It also seems you got a problem asking for help," Leone added giving her a sideways look.

"Yeah. I just...don't want to...appear weak."

"Your not weak Kaie," Stephanie argued making both older kids look to her. "Your strong. A lot stronger then myself."

"She does have a point," Leone chimed in.

"No," Kaie replied making both look at her. "If I was strong then I would be able to stop everything at home. But I'm not. Nor was I..." She trailed off and turned away wiping away a tear that threatened to fall.

"You can let go, Kaie," the short girl said in comfort.

"It's...hard to let go what your self to do for so long," Kaie stated then turned to head back to her seat back in the cave. But she tripped slightly on a rock she avoided the first time. She almost fell on her face if it hadn't been for two sets of arms keeping her up. She was surprised to see it was Stephanie...and Leone who helped her.

"You okay Kaie?" The trio glanced up to see Shannon and Anya near them. "Did you get hurt again?" Shannon questioned.

"No...I..." Kaie tried to move away, but flinched in pain. She glanced down and saw it was the same ankle she injured before. She remembered what both Stephanie and Leone said to her. She do the one ing she told herself never to do again. "Yeah. Looks like I injured my ankle again. help me to the group?" she asked timidly.

"You bet we can," Anya replied as she and Shannon took over for Leone and Stephanie.

"We'll see if you can find a first aid kit," Stephanie said before taking off and...dragging Leone with her.

Kaie watched Stephanie lead Leone away as Shannon and Anya lead her over to a seat to her surprise, they put her right next to Josh. "You got yourself hurt again?" came a stoic question.

"By accident," she replied to their 'supposed' leader. Some thought of Josh like that while others thought we should vote who should be leader.

"Found some gauze," Setphanie called out reappearing with Leone. Kaie noticed Leone send a silent look to Josh who sent one back. She looked between them wondering what they were challenging each other about.

'I know Josh is protective of Shannon, but Leone hasn't made a move, Gentry has...not Leone. It's not Anya, she pesters both more so Josh, nor is it Stephanie...' She paused in her thoughts realizing something. 'No Why are they...trying to be manly over me?' she questioned herself.

"There," Shannon announced making Kaie glance down to see that the girls had her ankle wrapped up. "You should stay off your feet for awhile."

"That could be hard if we have to move again," Stephanie countered.

"I'll try to stay off it as much as if I can," Kaie said.

"Then start now. Get some sleep. We'll wake you if something happens," Anya said.

"Sleep? But..." Kaie tried to argued.

"Sleep," the three girl's ordered as Leone sat down on the other side of Kaie.

"Fine," she grumbled as she settled back against the wall between Josh and Leone. To her surprise she soon fell asleep as the other girls left. Then in her sleep her body leaned to one side and her head leaned on someone's shoulder. She didn't know nor cared whose shoulder she was resting against, she was just so tired.

Digimon Skyline Let it go
Brimon: Okay no one tell Kaie this, but let's start a poll with whose shoulder Kaie is leaning against. Is it Josh or Leone? Plus who should she pursue? The silent protective cousin or the girl shy ex-gang member?

(Decided to add something new to :icondigimon-skyline:)


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